Tuesday, 2 August 2011

In the pursuit of happiness, drop your iPhone
By Nick St Clair for

      Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness one of the most famous phrases, not just in the Declaration of Independence, but in the whole of American history.
       This is every US citizen’s “inalienable right.” But what defines happiness? After all if you can’t define it, how can you pursue the indefinable?

      For many people, happiness means the acquisition of money and possessions. But if that were the case then surely Bill Gates would have a grin so wide that in order to get through a doorway he would have to enter a room sideways.
      It’s true, money does provide a degree of happiness. But all too often it is short lived. When we buy a new car we first spend weeks browsing through catalogs and admiring other cars. Then when we eventually buy it, we love our new car so much that we wash it every day. Heaven forbid anyone leave any trash in it! Then slowly, but surely, the novelty begins to wear off. Your once prized possession is washed just once a month. Trash begins to pile up.
      If not a new car, think of a pair of shoes, a new house, the latest model iPhone or whatever. To prove the point you only have to look at lottery winners who instantly win access to their material dreams. More often than not it all ends in tears. In fact, research has long since proven that once you are above the poverty line, there is no correlation between money and happiness whatsoever...

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